Gigging at Summit Studios

No musical training is complete without the opportunity to apply what you have learned in lessons and in practice to a band or ensemble situation. Learn skills used by professional musicians: reading a lead sheet, playing a good solo, balancing and blending with a group, playing solid time, and backing up a soloist. Summit Studios offers many performance opportunities, including:

Summit provides many public performance stages for its students throughout the year. Check out our calendar for this year's schedule!

Summit Studios' students can be found in many area performances. The next time you attend a musical in the area, check the program – you will be sure to find Summit students. This year alone, both the middle and high school shows boasted Summit students in all the leads! Students also performed throughout the state, on stage and in the pit.

All-State scores are another great mile-marker. For several years running, Summit students ranked highest in state scores. Summit Studios received recognition from Manhattan School of Music and Oberlin School of Music, and accreditation from Manchester Community College. Along with their acceptance at numerous universities and conservatories all over the country, students have performed in all venues, including the production Rent on Broadway.

Summit Studios offers instruction to students of all abilities, from beginner music lessons to advanced music lessons. We serve students from throughout the Greater Hartford area including: South Windsor, Vernon, Manchester, Glastonbury, Bolton, Ellington, Tolland, Hartford, Hebron, Coventry, East Hartford, West Hartford, Andover, Avon, Simsbury, Windsor, Portland, Columbia, Wethersfield and Rocky Hill.