Rock N’ Roll Music Birthday Party

A 2 hour ROCK CONCERT FESTIVAL where YOU are the Star.

Join a band, learn a song, play a show… but most of all.. PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!

rock n roll birthday concert ticketOur customized Rock Star Birthdays start with our  official invitation.When your Rock Stars arrive in their favorite band attire, they will be given their All Access VIP credential, we will then create bands that will be playing on REAL drum sets, guitars, keyboards and will perform in the coolest live music venue complete with a professional sound system and a spectacular light show! Our professional roadies and stage hands will be here to assist your Rock Stars with the basics of Rockin’ Out and our professional photographer will capture the excitement for their very own Rolling Stone magazine cover! We can accommodate up to 15 Rockers for our standard party.

Bring your own pizza and cake or let us take care of that for you.

For more information please call.