Summit Music Center Now Offering Virtual Lessons

Summit Music Center is remaining committed to their mission of education and enrichment of students in the musical arts by moving their entire teaching studio, curriculum, and lesson program online. Their existing students have already migrated their lessons online this week, and effective immediately, Summit is accepting new students for virtual lessons. This includes the thousands of students currently furloughed from public and private schools in the area, and separated from their conventional music education programming. This also includes adult students who have studied music in the past, or anyone looking to begin a new pastime, hobby, or creative endeavor.

Virtual lessons will be happening via Skype, FaceTime, and Google Duo, popular and widely-used video call applications for smartphone, tablet, and desktop/laptop users alike. Students, or parents wishing to sign their children up for lessons, can call Summit Music Center at (860)645-1502 to confirm a lesson time.

Registration & Policies

Summit Studios accepts registration for lessons, classes and workshops by the following methods:

  • Phone: Call (860) 645-1502

Private Lesson Scheduling

Private music lessons are scheduled in 30, 45 and 60 minute lengths and are given weekly. Upon registration, we will schedule a lesson time agreeable to both student and instructor. Subsequent adjustments to the agreed upon schedule will be made at the discretion of Summit Studios. We reserve the right to make instructor substitutions if needed.

Absentee Policy

Students are permitted one rescheduled lesson per session. 24-hour notice is required to reschedule a lesson, or the lesson is forfeited. Lesson transfer is available to students following one rescheduled lesson when an additional absence is anticipated. Lessons are transferable to friends or family, but may be used only on the day of the scheduled lesson, at the scheduled time and with the scheduled instructor. We reserve the right to make instructor substitutions.

Registration, Tuition & Payment Policy

Students have three options for enrollment at Summit Studios: EZ-Pay, Session by Session and Lesson by Lesson. Registration is ongoing throughout the session. Tuition is prorated based on lesson start date.

Registrations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. We accept cash, checks, VISA, and MasterCard. Outstanding balances are subject to a $10 per month late fee. There are no refunds for private or group classes.

Student Registration

2019/20 Enrollment Options & Pricing

We think that music lessons should be available to everyone, so we’ve set up programs and payment options to work with your schedule and budget.

Option 1:

EZ-Pay- Best Savings and No Hassle Registration!

Option with the best savings and least hassle- perfect for students intending to enroll for the full school year.

Receive 5% off of your tuition for each 10 week session. Enjoy automatic renewal by listing a credit card to be
run two weeks prior to the start of each session. Cut out the paperwork and have your lesson time reserved with
your preferred teaching artist. Students who enroll in this option must have a credit card good through 3/20. Early
withdrawal from this option requires a letter to Summit Studios 30 days prior to withdrawal to discontinue EZ Pay.

30-Minute Lesson ($27.50/lesson) 4 -EZ Payments of $275
45-Minute Lesson ($38/lesson) 4- EZ Payments of $380
60-Minute Lesson ($52.20/lesson) 4 -EZ Payments of $522

Option 3:


Have an ever-changing, busy schedule? No problem! Call to arrange your lessons one by one at your convenience!
30-Minute Lesson $29
45-Minute Lesson $40
60-Minute Lesson $55

Option 2:

Receive registration forms by mail for each 10 week session.

30-Minute Lesson ($29/lesson) 10 Weeks Per Session – $290 Per Session
45-Minute Lesson ($40/lesson) 10 Weeks Per Session – $400 Per Session
60-Minute Lesson ($55/lesson) 10 Weeks Per Session – $550 Per Session

* Note – This does not guarantee a reserved time. Each lesson must be paid for prior to arrival.

If you have any questions about pricing, billing or the payment process, simply call or email us and one of our office staff will be happy to help you.